Cuddl3f!$H - Confessions of a Former Diva

Him: so does that mean we are ready to share our usernames now?
Me: whoa, show it down, homie. That’s right up there with sharing a Netflix account.


Man, I’m addicted to this “Heavy” show on Netflix. This dude who weighed 517 lbs lost 30 lbs in the first week. That’s crazy good, and not just because it’s an amazing physical feat…but it’s a wonder that someone who weighs 517 can even stand. I just think that the human skeletal structure is amazing and it can withstand a LOT of strain!

So go you, fat people on Heavy! Good for you for losing your weight! You are totally an inspiration to the half of our population that is obese! And to think in other countries the big problem is not having enough food.